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Rome airports

Rome has two major airports: Rome’s main airport, Leonardo da Vinci (still frequently known by its old name, Fiumicino) for scheduled flights and Ciampino which handles mainly charter flights and business aviation.

Fiumicino – FCO (Rome’s main airport) is about 30 km south-west of the city centre. At Fiumicino there are three terminals one of which, Terminal C, is linked to a satellite. The handsome new Terminal A is for domestic flights. Terminal B, a light and airy place, has a dual role handlng international and a number of domestic services. Terminal C looks after major international flights and is connected to Satellite C, a mini-terminal in its own right with a full range of shopping, restaurants, bars and other services.

In 2009, the terminals were renamed — A was renamed T1, AA was renamed T2, B and C became T3 and T5 stayed the same.

Rome Fiumicino Airport Useful numbers
– Flight information
ADR 0665951 (24 hrs), Alitalia 0665643 (24 hrs)

– Lost & Found
ADR Handling 0665954252/6777 (24 hrs),
Alitalia Airport Domestic flights 0665643 (7:00 am/12:00 pm),
Alitalia Airport International flights 0665634956 (24 hrs),
ARE Handling International flights 0665954252/6777 (9:30 am/1:30 pm- 3:00 pm/11.30 pm),
EAS Domestic flights 0665955116 (7:30 am/10:30 pm),
EAS International flights 0665957240 (8:00 am/0:30 am)

– Parking information (ADR) 0665956784/5 (24 hrs)

– Customs (External Relations) 0665954342 (8:00 am/2:00 pm)

– ENAC – Airport Superintendent 0665953139 (8:00 am/5:00 pm)

Ciampino airport is a smaller airport, about 15 km south-east of the city, it is becoming popular with discount airlines like RyanAir.

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