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If you’re looking for Rome hotels, then…Hi! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Mauro and Paola and we’re a couple of real experts in leisure travel in Italy. We live here. Even better, we live in Roma, so we do know what we’re talking about! Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trastevere, St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican. These are the places that make Rome the Eternal City, these are the sights you want to visit, and here is where our hotels are. All very centrally located, our hotels in Rome have been accurately selected by following one single criteria: quality. We’ve seen all of them! All of our Rome accommodation, Inns and Bed & breakfast are fully equipped with private bathroom, air-conditioning and TVC. All displayed prices include these amenities, service and taxes.

Rome hotels near the Colosseum

Rome Hotels near the Colosseo (Colosseum) are the best solutions for relaxing at night and be fresh in the day: cause sightseeing starts right behind the first corner!

Vatican, Rome hotels

If you’re coming to Rome to see the Pope, or if you’re just looking for a quieter place to stay while you're here, the Vatican surrounding area is the one in which you should start looking for an accommodation ...

Hotels near Spanish Steps, Rome

Piazza di Spagna and Trinità dei Monti is a great location. The sound of those ancient steps, the brightness of flowers that decorates the staircase in spring, the international atmosphere of the close fashion boutiques of via Condotti and via Margutta, the poetry of the cobblestones all around

Rome airport hotels

Rome Airport hotels for business or leisure near the Fiumicino Airport of Rome...

Olympic Stadium (Rome), Rome, Italy

Looking for a perfect hotel near the Olympic Stadium in Rome? Are you a fan of football. Book a hotel near the football field where AS Rome and SS Lazio plays soccer.

Hotels near Auditorium of Rome

Hotels naer the Auditorium, the new Opera House of Rome, designed by the architect Renzo Piano.

Hotels in Trastevere

Just as Montmartre in Paris and Soho in London, Trastevere is more than an area of the city of Rome: it’s a culture, a lifestyle, an attitude. If you’re into this neo-bohemian way of life, if you dream about staying in a tiny hotel in Rome located in an old typical Italian building, Trastevere is where you want to look for it

Rome seaside hotels

Roman Seaside hotels: Ostia, Ladispoli,...

Civitavecchia Port of Rome hotels

Come to Rome on a cruise? Looking for a hotel near the port of Rome? Find all the best hotels in Civitavecchia

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